A Vision for Oklahoma City: Block by Block

Vote February 12, 2019

Suzanne will stand up for Ward 2 and Oklahoma City

Service. Experience. Leadership.

Dear Neighbors,

Why am I running for Council?  Because I care about the people of Ward 2 and the rest of our City.

Ward 2 needs to have a strong, effective voice. Together we can create a more vibrant and livable city, with great schools and safe, connected neighborhoods.

You have joys, concerns, and ideas for our city that I want to hear. I hope you find me worthy of your vote.

Proven Community Dedication

  • Neighborhood advocate for over 25 years
  • Neighborhood Alliance of OKC Neighbor of the Year
  • Neighborhood Association President

Experience That Counts

  • Bipartisan/nonpartisan advisor for the Governor and State Senate
  • Career in law and public service
  • Small business proponent



Where is your neighborhood in Ward 2?

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countdown to election day

In Oklahoma City’s Ward 2 race: For Suzanne Broadbent

By Darla Shelden, City Sentinel Reporter

The City Sentinel Endorsement

Suzanne Broadbent’s interest in serving on the Oklahoma City Council flows naturally from her work as a lawyer and a neighborhood advocate. Ward 2 has an essential existing role in the vibrancy, dynamism and diversity of a great city with the opportunity become better.

The role of Ward 2 will expand in the years to come. Broadbent is the best exemplar of what is, and what is yet to come.

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Suzanne Broadbent, Good Neighbor Award Recipient

Small Businesses Endorse Broadbent

Todd Feehan, Owner of Dad's Plumbing, endorses Suzanne Broadbent for City Council Ward 2

“Suzanne listens to

people, period. She works hard for everyone.”

— Oscar Womack, Retired Veteran


Authorized and paid for by Broadbent for Council 2019, Bob Anthony, Chair.