A Vision for Oklahoma City: Block by Block

Vote February 12, 2019

Suzanne the neighborhood advocate

Suzanne understands the value of Oklahoma City’s history. Recognizing her commitment and leadership, Mayor Mick Cornett appointed her to the Oklahoma City Historic Preservation Commission. She fiercely defends the Putnam Heights Historic District where she has lived for 25 years, advocating on the neighborhood’s behalf often at the Planning Commission, the Board of Adjustment, and the City Council.


“Some of our history isn’t very pretty, but we can learn from past mistakes,” Suzanne observes, “and we have had some outstanding leaders who guided us through difficult times to progress—Clara Luper and Patience Latting, the first woman mayor of a major city- come to mind.”


She has been an advocate for voting rights and education through her work with the League of Women Voters.

“We must recognize the hard work that is involved in overcoming longstanding barriers and mistrust and stay the course when the going gets hard.”

Are You Concerned About Our Neighborhood Schools?

Suzanne is concerned!

She is ready, willing, and qualified to turn her passion for neighborhoods into real results!

Mrs. Crispin’s 7th grade class, Leedy OK. (Suzanne top row, 3rd from the right).



Suzanne is a life-long Oklahoman. She grew up on a ranch in Roger Mills county, near Leedey, in far western Oklahoma. There she learned the values of community, cooperation, and respect for the environment. Oklahoma City has always been Suzanne’s city.


“In rural Oklahoma when someone said ‘the City,’ we knew it was Oklahoma City,” Suzanne recalls. Her experiences of coming to Oklahoma City for the big treats (the State Fair, the state sports championships, concerts, the zoo, Frontier City, the cattle auction,

state conventions, the state capitol) made her understand the importance of Oklahoma City and love it.


A resident of Ward 2 since she became a city slicker, Suzanne has taken an active role in our community. She has consistently been a leader, having served as state president of the 1500-member American Association of University Women/Oklahoma, five years as president of Putnam Heights Preservation Area (her neighborhood association), and three terms as president of her church.

Meet Suzanne Broadbent

“Suzanne has a vison for Ward 2 which includes everyone.”

— Dennis and Brenda Seagroves

Citywide Refrigeration


Authorized and paid for by Broadbent for Council 2019, Bob Anthony, Chair.